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The Teeth Room

Joey Paco The Teeth Room

Welcome back! In my last blog, I wrote about Vitric and the World Dotted Map. Today I will tell you about the Teeth Room.

The Teeth Room is on the first floor and can only be reached using the elevator. As we moved from the entrance hall toward the elevator, my eyes focused on the wheels of the amapraconvelous flying-hovering wheelchair of the Tooth Fairy. By the way, which one of you remember what that stands for? If you don’t remember, then read my blog, “The Tooth Fairy.” She is very proud of her chair. (wink)

The wheels were made from flying teeth! I stretched my hand, and those spinning teeth tickled my hand. The Tooth Fairy turned her head to see why I was giggling and smiled. Ahh, but the fun was soon over. She moved so fast with her chair, that I had to run to catch up with her! By the time we reached the elevator, I was awake and energized.

On our way up to the first floor, I could see the stars, the moon, and several constellations. When we arrived, a bright light came through the elevator door. Before we entered the room, we put on our dark glasses.

This room was huge, and the walls were covered with endless rows of teeth-lightbulbs. The Tooth Fairy uses the collected teeth to illuminate the castle. Nearby is the Storage Room where she keeps the used teeth. She uses them to repair her chair and other things in the castle. Nothing gets to waste there!

Did you know the Tooth Fairy invented a device to find lost teeth? Her tiny “Tooth Locator” is shaped like a tooth and has a screen. 30 seconds after she entered a code, the tooth is found. The Tooth Fairy is very clever.

Well, that’s all for today. I need to help Dad with the yard.

My next blog will be in German. I want to greet my German readers and give them an update on my adventures and readings, too.

Remember to brush your teeth and keep them clean for the Tooth Fairy.

Joey Paco



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