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Joey Paco and mom

Joey Paco


I am an adventurous and curious eight-year-old boy. I can speak English, German, and Spanish. That makes me trilingual. I enjoy riding my bike, doing sports, reading, and playing with my friends. Mom says I am very persistent.


I keep a journal about my unusual adventures and family traveling. I think of me like a explorer. All famous explorers kept a journal about their adventures and discoveries.  


The idea for my first book,  "Joey trifft die Zahnfee."  came from my journal, "Joey Paco's Travels."




I was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico. I am a trilingual, multi-genre author, public speaker, freelance book reviewer, songwriter, bag designer, and hobby photographer. I speak Spanish, English, and German. To know more about my creative world, visit my Christian site:


"Joey" is the main character of my first picture book: "Joey trifft die Zahnfee" ("Joey Meets the Tooth Fairy."). I created Joey Paco's Travels to allow Joey to promote his book. Likewise, he will share information about our "Book Reading Tours" and other adventures. After the publication of his book, he is starting to feel like a bestseller author. He refers to his site as "The Digital Journal of Young Author, Joey Paco." (wink)

Psst: Please don't tell him, he's just a fictional character. Like Pinocchio, he thinks of himself as a real boy.  

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