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The Tooth Fairy

Welcome back! In my last blog, I shared some highlights of my first interview. Did you read the whole interview with your parents? I hope you enjoyed it and learned something about how to become an author.

Today I will tell you about the Tooth Fairy.

What is a Tooth Fairy?

I will share with you what Dad told me about her. This story has been passed on from one generation to the next. Hmm, I wonder if one of my great-grandparents met her.

"The Tooth Fairy is a kind, supernatural creature with a human form and magical powers!"

Where does the Tooth Fairy live?

"She lives in a big, bright tooth castle way up above the clouds. You can see it at night. It’s the smallest shining star up there in the big dark sky."

How does the Tooth Fairy look?

My Tooth Fairy has beautiful dark skin and black hair like Mom. Her legs don't work well, so she built an extraordinary “amapraconvelous flying wheelchair.” "Amapraconvelous” stands for amazing, practical, convenient, and marvelous. She gave me a tour of her castle. I had to run to catch up with her.

In my next blog, I will talk about her playful frog, Vitric.

Remember to brush your teeth and keep them shiny for the Tooth Fairy.

Joey Paco



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