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The Shooting Star Express!

The Shooting Star Express!

My last blog was dedicated to Mom. I shared her first interview in German. If you haven’t read it, click here. I am very proud of Mom! My debut interview was in Summer 2022. It was published at To read it, click here

Wow, we are both famous now. High five, Mom! 

Before I get distracted, back to the blog. The Tooth Fairy Castle has many rooms and floors. On my first visit, she showed me the most important ones: The Teeth RoomThe Dotted Map Room, and the Garden of Treasure. I hope to visit the Tooth Fairy again. Maybe when I lose my next teeth. Would you like to come, too? 

Today I will tell you about the Shooting Star Express and how I survived a dangerous Sun Storm. Lots of adventures!

The Tooth Fairy uses the Shooting Star Express to travel. After leaving the Garden of Treasures, we went to the elevator. She pressed a hidden button. We went up to the Boarding Room. This room was different from the others. It has two glass doors. On the first one was a bright sign: “To the Shooting Star Express.” When the door opened, we moved toward another very thick glass door. There was another sign: Boarding Platform. When the door opened, she said: “All Aboard!” 

I saw a golden, fiery stone vehicle parked on the side of the castle. It looks like a huge comet! The Tooth Fairy hooved easily over the stones. I had to run and jump to keep up with her! There were stones of different shapes and sizes. I kept my eyes on the fire and the stones, as we moved toward our seats. I didn’t want to fall into outer space. My bubble-flying experience at the Dotted Map was enough for one day. 

The stones assigned for passengers were upfront. Before I sat, I touched it to check the temperature. To my surprise, it was not hot at all! They were comfortable, big, and even had a seatbelt!  

The Tooth Fairy clicked and secured her chair on her special spot. Suddenly, I heard a slide sound coming from underneath our seats. Just in case, I held tight to my stone. The Tooth Fairy looked at me and smiled. A colorful fog surrounded us. The Tooth Fairy held one of the bubbles up. All the navigation instruments appeared. I rubbed my eyes to be sure I was not dreaming. When I looked again, the fog was gone! I turned to the Tooth Fairy and said: “When I grow up, I want to be a pilot and travel with the Shooting Star Express through the stars.” She smiled and showed me how all the instruments worked while preparing for Take-Off. After buckling up, she explained to me the safety and emergency rules. She placed one of the bubbles into a weird-looking box. The Shooting Star Express then whizzed out of the castle and flew among the stars. We were on our way to the first home on the list. On our way, she took her Plasma Projector out. Then she showed me her marvelous trick to move between the kids’ bedrooms fast. 

We laughed about some of her adventures. As we were nearing the Earth's atmosphere, we talked about the stars, the Milky Way, and some unknown Constellations. 

Suddenly, a strong solar wind and sparking lightning hit the Shooting Star Express. It began crashing, rolling, spinning, and shaking in the Solar Storm. “Hold on, Joey!” said the Tooth Fairy, as we fell deeper into space. The last thing I remember was hitting my head with a big BANG!

In my next blog, I will tell you about how I lost my tooth. 

Remember to brush your teeth and keep them clean for the Tooth Fairy. 

Joey Paco



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