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The Garden of Treasures!

Joey Paco The Garden of Treasures!

Welcome back!  

In my last two blogs, I wrote about the promotion and readings of my book, "Joey trifft die Zahnfee." Today I will tell you about my favorite room: The Garden of Treasures! 

Before I forget, Mom said I should tell you briefly about the other two rooms. Soooo I will give you a 30 seconds tour. Are you ready? Let’s go! On the first floor is the Teeth Room. An endless, bright room where she keeps all the collected teeth. The calcium in the teeth illuminates the castle. On the second floor is the Dotted Map Room, where her glassy frog, Vitric, lives. Vitric helps the Tooth Fairy find the addresses of all the children who lost a tooth. Now you can relax and enjoy the rest of the tour. 

After leaving the Dotted Map Room, we went to the third floor. On our way up, I saw a comet flying near the castle. Have you ever seen a comet? It was amazing!

As the doors opened, there were bubbles everywhere. I chased them but they flew higher. As they were nearing each other, they adjusted their melody. Their harmonic humming sounded like a Children‘s Choir. It reminded me of our school choir. It was beautiful and not loud. 

In this room, the Tooth Fairy keeps all the gifts she gives to the children in exchange for their baby teeth. There were all sorts of toys, candies, and money from around the world! Near the elevator was a conveyor band coming out of a teeth-shaped wall. I peeked inside and saw other smaller fairies making the toys. They looked at me and said: Welcome, Joey! It seems I am very popular among the fairies. (wink)

A sweet smell tickled my nose. It came from a weird-looking machine at the back of the room. My mouth was salivating as we moved toward it. I grinned when the Tooth Fairy gave me one of her Rainbow bonbons. Those were a special treat only for castle visitors, like me. Hm, I scratched my head and wondered how many other children had visited her. I will tell you about that on another blog. The bonbons tasted like all my favorite fruits. The Tooth Fairy makes all the treats with organic ingredients and without sugar! She is very responsible and wants kids to have healthy teeth. I wish my mom could make those yummy bonbons at home. Maybe she let me have her recipe. 

After we placed a toy, money, or a treat inside the bubbles, we were ready to travel. The Tooth Fairy opened her tiny traveling bag wide, and all the bubbles flew inside. None of them popped or fell!

All this running around made me hungry. It is time for my mom's delicious fruit salad. Yummy, yummy for my tummy!

My next blog will be in German. I want my German readers to feel welcome.  

Remember to brush your teeth and keep them clean for the Tooth Fairy. 

Joey Paco


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