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„Joey trifft die Zahnfee“ - Book Promotion Tour – Part I

Joey trifft die Zahnfee Vorlesung

Welcome back! In my last blog, I told you about the Teeth Room. Today I will tell you about the promotion of my book, "Joey trifft die Zahnfee."

Book Promotion:

Writing a book is easier than promoting it, says Mom. She encouraged me to get involved in the promotion process. Mom wanted me to learn how authors do it. She said this will help me to be more organized with school projects. To make it more fun and interesting, we divided it into three phases:

1) Identifying and finding our readers

2) Ordering the promotion material

3) Distribution.

It was a lot of work, but I had fun!

Phase 1: Identifying and Finding our Readers - we made a list of all the pre-schools, elementary schools, public libraries, and bookstores in our city and nearby towns. Mom said it will help us to calculate how many flyers and posters we needed.

Phase 2: Ordering the Promotional Flyers - we ordered the flyers and posters from a local printing company. Their price was within our budget.

Phase 3: Distribution - we distributed them at all the pre-schools, elementary schools, public libraries, and bookstores we had in our list. Mom also asked if it will be possible to do a reading. We were happy to hear when two Public Libraries said yes.

In my next blog, I will tell you about our Public Library readings.

Remember to brush your teeth and keep them clean for the Tooth Fairy.

Joey Paco


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