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How I lost my first tooth!

Joey Paco

Welcome back!

In my last blog, I told you about the amazing Shooting Star Express and our encounter with the scary Sun Storm. Today I will continue my story and tell you how I lost my first tooth! 

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on my bedroom floor wrapped in my favorite blanket. Wait a moment. Ah? I’m home? How did that happen? The last thing I remember, the Shooting Star Express was crashing, rolling, spinning, and shaking in the Solar Storm.

The stones were flying everywhere. My seatbelt broke, and I was hanging from a stone nearby! The Tooth Fairy fell out of her chair and was falling into outer space! 

I was happy to be home.  I ran to my window and looked outside. There was a flash of lightning and the roaring of thunder, but not a sign of them. I hoped that the Tooth Fairy and the Shooting Star Express were okay in the storm. 

Suddenly, I flicked my tongue up and noticed that my wobbling tooth was missing. “Oh no!” Where is the tooth? I straightened my glasses and looked everywhere. It was nowhere to be found. I ran to my desk and wrote a note for the Tooth Fairy.


My friends will not believe that I visited the Tooth Fairy in her castle! But I can prove them wrong. Only I have a small version of Vitric! If you don’t remember what Vitric is, click here and read the blog. 

I am exhausted. Two unexpected flying adventures, a missing tooth, and surviving a Solar Storm were enough adventures for one night. 

My next blog will be in German. I want my German readers to feel welcome.  

Remember to brush your teeth and keep them clean for the Tooth Fairy. 

Joey Paco


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