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Who is young blogger Joey Paco?

Hello and welcome to my site, Joey Paco's Travel! My mom created this site for me, so I could share with my fans my traveling adventures. But before I get distracted, I will tell you about myself.

Who is young blogger and co-author, Joey Paco?

I am an adventurous and curious eight-year-old boy. I enjoy riding my bike, doing sports, reading, and traveling with my family. I also enjoy writing. I keep a journal about my unusual adventures. My mom says, I am very persistent.

And talking about my mom, she allowed me to blog for a few months at her site, Mom said it will be good to promote my book, "Joey trifft die Zahnfee." But before I publish my blogs, we review them together. We are a great team!

Mom also supervises my online activities. I don’t mind if she does it. She loves me and cares about me. Mom keeps me safe from the big bad wolf out there. She is also very dramatic. (wink) Mom knows what is best for me. It is important to be obedient and honest to our parents.

In the next blog, I will tell you more about my amazing visit at the Tooth Fairy’s Castle.

Remember to brush your teeth and keep them shiny for the Tooth Fairy.

Joey Paco


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